Episode 334: How to drive an apple crazy



Episode 334: How to drive an apple crazy

Don bot
Not our fault
The last animal picked for kick ball
The loneliest tech guy
I got momma’s voice
Driving the MRI around
Bitchy nurse face
That toe has to go
Defending yourself with laughter
Hot a doctored
Babies need to drink too
Man shower
Kinda smelt like piss
Puddle jumper
Edible art
How to make an apple crazy
Scoring some street drug
The tale of the surprise party
Make your mother cry
My dear aunt Kathy
The disappointment outlet

Episode 333: Blind a stranger

Episode 333:  Blind a

By the gods, we have returned!

Lord Champa

That white guy

Crazy smell

Aroma theapy juice

Blind a stranger

Married to the Don


Dr. Strange’s cape

Spear – it

Prank off with Aunt Sandra

The wine of our love

A tall glass of aloe

YMCA in the park

Fuck you snack time

The saddest box


Fuck air line tickets

Welcome to the pain factory

Fits and the Tantrums

Hanson’s children
Running bullets

Young man (and woman), I said young man (as well as the aforementioned
woman) there’s no need to feel down (not the opinion of a certified physician)  We think you should pick your self on the ground
(it’s gross down there, mouse poop and the like).  Even if your in a new town, there is no need
to be unhappy!  You can clean up, have a
good meal or just do what ever you feel.
We suggest you check into our sponsors, Big Ass Sandwiches.  Two locations and STILL the very best in the
Northwest!  Other than that remember to
stay out of the saddest box and don’t forget to tell a friend!!!

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Episode 332: Bullet tag

Episode 332:  Bullet


World cup fever, catch it!

Big dumb kids

Hole in the head

Fast waiters

Kick the bear

Hilarious Mexican commercials

Have the Italian nightclub

Yoga sandwiches

That’s a lot of fake meat

What the shit

Weird black and creepy

Drunk and fishing

Pull the big pig out of the river

Poop Police

Pill popping

Video games are the reason

How to avoid a shooter

Active shooter

Bullet tag

I don’t want to be greek

is for coke heads

The food cup

Physcic stomach
Flannel jerseys

Shift happens

Baring Straights

Joel Olsteen is an evil monster

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Episode 331: Thunder Log

Episode 331: Thunder Log

Do I have something in my teeth?

It comes with a baptism

The reboot sucks

The addictive hunter

The illusive Big Jim

Moving bentches

The thunder log

The most important inches

Fuck this Picnic Table

Ler’s play carpenter

Take this gig, please

We’re haling Frost

My metal list

Who’s gonna sign for me

Laughter is the new Orange

Tough and weird

Jim the mutant

Nasal rape

Rave doctor’

Dr sickjoy

Get a little w’

Big hunk bar

Put me under

Gary, Gary!

Listen to the widow people

French Muslim

Don and out

I was a new girl

Bacteria biscuits

Stolen rocks

Road Cone and Detour

Medicinal Tackitos

Low level mischief

Thank you Pa

So we may be a little off in our regularly scheduled programming,
but I promise that if big Jim should die, than odds are that that the
French/Muslims have already won!  But the
best thing to bring to a home made picnic table is something from our sponsors,
Lisa and Brian Wood the awesome humans behind Big Ass Sandwiches.  The very best in the Northwest, now with 2
awesome locations! Other than that remember to stay tough and weird, and don’t
forget to tell a friend!!!

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Episode 330: Deadly moss

Episode 330:  Deadly

Back up to 100%

Our weird fans

If it’s too loud, you can give it to Don

Koool Jazzz

Dookie Jam


Don’t piss off the librarian

The picnic table work out

Pussy willows and cat’s tail

Reclaim your rocks

Deadly moss

We don’t need logs

You shoot my truck
Blood and dust

Check your credit

Maaa’ Brawd!

How do I change the info

The world’s nicest collection’s agent

The family castle

Sleeping through the riots

Tagged from behind

Muther Fucker in a Mercedes

Hugely pissed

Your dad’s going to prison

Degrading a 60yo man

Sent to a boys home to be molested

I don’t like snap chat

The google mafia

Air soft and the dick behind the ear

We can yell at the elderly til your dad gets out of prison,
and it would still wouldn’t get that penis off your ear!  Snap chat that all you want.  Before you do though, be sure to get something
from our sponsors Big Ass Sandwiches.
The very best in the Northwest, now with 2 locations!  Other than that, don’t forget to avoid rogue Mercedes
and remember to tell a friend!!!

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Episode 329: Pizza flower

Episode 329:  Pizza

Hello again…

One big circuit

Dude, where’s my keys

Flag pole  people

Sun’s going down

Let’s play taps

Pizza flower

Sign my plane

Slow it down son

Catholic band

Tin Lizzy

Don’t touch the camel

Banned from the capital

The Madanna story

Stained at GWAR

Paint and date

Gifts from a dead woman’s house


Yard sale fail

The church of Selick

Talk like a barnacle

Cruise ship blues

Sky dive bachelor party massacre

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Episode 328: Vegan shoes

Episode 328:  Vegan

Ah crap, these guys again!

Taking the bullet

Don’t start this argument

Fro Yo argument

Don’t be opinionated

Know your slogan


Bad influence

Burger Queen

Same Sex bullshit

Throbbing cock.org

Go back to your country

No, your Indians

The pilgrim cast

And now we’re dead

That’s how I wanna go out

Don’t flip people off

Think Geek

Don’t open my action figures

Plan for your death bed

I wanna be abducted

No one can hear you press charges

We are the wild west of the universe

Your done

Laugh at a funeral

Vegan shoes

Hiking in style

Almost made out of wood

Be who you are

You look like a millionaire

All I drive are Batmobiles

Monster truck disappointment

What is your favorite fantasy vehicle

Fuck you, it’s my toy

What is it worth

We are on a fun line

This is my chunk of a planet

We love Garry Busey

Understanding Chinese hackers

We down with China

That is a great statement

Who would you back

Husband and wife team

The high school relationship


Another delicious podcast from the master chefs that brought
you the Gary Busey burger queen and the best damn gyro on planet earth!  Your welcome.
I suggest that you get into your fantasy vehicle and cruse on over to
our sponsors, Big Ass Sandwiches and get yourself a monster truck of
awesome!  Now with 2 helpful locations,
and STILL the best in the Northwest!
Other than that don’t forget to laugh at a funeral and remember to tell
a friend!!!

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Episode 327: Too tired to dream

Episode 327:  Too
tired to dream

Back at it, like a crack addict!


What was Forest Gump rated?

The iPod was created

3 apples is too much

Who dug the Oregon trail

You can’t buy Wu Tang

That’s a good business plan

It’s not beneficial it’s brilliant

One CD to bind them all

Mount Rushmore taggers

De-skin these grapes

Where the Crumpets?

Let’s be immortal

The Terminator Professor

Dream journals are made for mocking

Too tired to dream

Thank you slow larry

4th arm kick starter

Dead leg/arm

Horrifically fun

Don’t smoke eCigs

Let me know when we’re done

Hogwarts smokes

Molar 3, please

7 years of bull shit


Small man’s disease

Shorter tempers, longer lifespan

Cake thieves

Casey VS Bain

The faction

Stealing older celebrates

White Men Don’t Try

Just bought a horse
Donny and the Growlers

Curd it up for my homies

Paint you with appreciation

We got something to say, it’s better to burn out, than fade
away!  Trying to keep those cake thieves at
bay, and avoiding 7 years of bull shit, this is the only way to fund a 4th
arm kick starter!  If you get a chance,
bring your full growlers to our sponsors, Big Ass Sandwiches.  Still the very best in the Northwest, now
with 2 helpful locations to fulfill your meat needs!  Other than that, remember to give us a copy
of that new Wu Tang album and don’t forget to tell a friend!!!

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Episode 326: Elf Quest

Episode 326:  Elf

7 days without dick jokes makes one weak!

Drifting apart

Talk like a valley girl

Alien cell phone

Cannon ball run

Be like Powder

Amazing secrets of science

I’ll have a green burger

Snortin the evidence

Forgive, forget and record

Clicking out the truth

The Yeasty boys

The gun maker at the table

The old wood deck

After 60 you have salmon blood

Under the age, over the line

Don hates the Millers

Bring me a Yuengling Lager

Food nurse

Go eat yourself


Welcome to ‘Classifieds”

If it’s not fried, it’s a bistro

Figuring out Anit pasta

The yoga thing happens

Let’s not lose the landmark

Getting comfortably dumb

The truth behind tracers


Twilight town

Elf Quest

Check out the Amber series

RIP Roger Zelazney

Librarian hero

Pics of the universe or it didn’t happen

Why need a will

Using our limber sense of humor, we bend over backwards for
you every week!  Anti-Miller but always
Pro Pasta!  The good news is you don’t
have to go to a Bistro for something delicious.
You need not look any farther than our sponsors, Big Ass
Sandwiches.  Still the best in the
Northwest, and now with 2 helpful locations!
Other than that don’t forget to return your liberty books and as always
remember to tell a friend!!!

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Episode 325: Train Gang

Episode 325:  Train

Open up your ears for another piping hot episode of

Oye movement

Sniffing the sauce

Hot Wheels, leading the shame

Join us

Get a hobby

Boiling and waiting

Train gang

Let go of my Lego

Big and Loud model and match box

Cobra stick

General Lee VS Air Wolf

The newest jean

Brawny t-shirt

Toilet wars

Slurping up an appetite

Smoked lunch

Domino’s bonfire

Powder’s BBQ

Stupid fire

Burning lake of fire

Hot Futon

Counterfeit Oil

No solicitors

Arm Wrestlers

Boardwalk Umpire

Navy Seal welcome wagon

Smart shoes

Lawyer dog

How does one become a new fan of successful team?

This certainly has been a humbling episode!  When your smart shoes lead you into the wrong
part of town, just past the boardwalk umpire better bring your cobra stick!  No solicitors or counterfeit oil is used or
allowed at our sponsors, Big Ass Sandwiches.
Now with 2 helpful locations!
Other than that remember to get off the Navy Seal band wagon, and don’t
forget to tell a friend!!!

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