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Hello Everyone.

We know that there is a lot of rumors circulating on the news media about the Show. When President Obama contacted us and ask that we make a public announcement about the show because the fate of national security depended on it. Here is whats going on, the show will live again! we had a problem with the website. many of you have emailed us, informing us that the show cant be downloaded or listened on Itunes, Sticher, that our RSS feed was down. Its a lot of technical jargon what caused this, simply put we were tricked by go daddy and purchased a product that sucks. What does that mean for the show. Well we will be starting from scratch, all 344 episodes will not be available on our site. think of it as the boys have been reborn, we have been gestation in our cocoons feeding on rotten sugar water getting ready for our cocoon to open, we will spread our wings and fill the air with babble. This means a new Itunes and new RSS feed new sticher and all that comes along with it. Thank you all for understand, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for the show please toss us a email at give us a couple of weeks to get things going.

The Boys,

Episode 341: Cardboard airlines



Episode 341: Cardboard airlines

Mean teens
Crystal Fondue
Top shelf cheese
Over priced gasoline
Black Irish bar
The Tetris
Torpedo run
Fun with puzzles
Model aggravation
Cardboard airlines
To busy to be relaxed
Triple A drones
Jesse “The conspiracy” Ventura
Happy to be spied on
Ghondie smells
We export coolness.
Super cops
Fuck the news
Bubonic plague
Snake jump
Spider house

Oh, and here’s the link for that seriously annoying closing theme…enjoy, if you can!

Episode 340: Kicking it with Ronald


Episode 340: Kicking it with Ronald

The other Don and Jim
Jury Don
Kicking it with Ronald
Vern Funk
It’s raining Russians
Putting gravity on trial
Drunk trees kill people
Never trust a Peruvian
Ride along with Brice
Dumb ass accident
I didn’t want the whip
Can I get a Witness
Let’s sue Montana
Ping more than they ping
Watching the birds
Just have fun and you win
Parties at your house, bro
Washed out

Episode 339: Suckin sticks




Episode 339:  Suckin Sticks



Long winded Jim

Going far for fame

Melt ice around twine

AC home invasion

Tract is still intact

The look on a dirty dish

The perfect plate

Nanite flatware

Fucking fast walker

You gonna finish those cricket

Don hates your childhood

Jims might be a serial killer

Little Debbie Sweet Maggots

Jolt is a gateway drug

Suckin sticks

How does the fried ice cream work

I wish I had Saint Pauley’s Girl

Hitler didn’t drink

Making up news

Givem the Jimmy fingers

I wanna

The lords scopal

Cut the word


Oh and here’s the link for today’s closing theme, enjoy!

Episode 338: Violent fantasies

Episode 338: Violent fantasies

The final purchase
Just let that one go
Call you the menu
What happens in Vegas gets out in 4 years
Another fucking White dude
For my birthday, I got a pig
My pig breaks!
Angry voice mail
3 team monte
The Raiders come back
Specimen of a body
Ray Lewis is a dick, so why are you with him?
Do you want cable?
Don’t fuck around with this truck
It’s bound to work
Bring back Monday Night Football
Laugher not a fighter
YCAC is hilarious
Violent fantasies
Ultimate anger
Donny Christ

Episode 336: Don’t be a tree

Alice Frost

Episode 336: Don’t be a tree

Annnnnnnnd…we’re back…again.

Sharknado kills mom
New hair for success
Being all pro
Pain killer’s pond
The Jitterbug is not suttle
Sorry for your loss, FUCK YOU
Most adorable lisp
She’s still making us laugh
After images
I wanna be in key chains
Where you wanna spread
Magical talking feet
Fuck the chia urn
Don’t be a tree
Designer caskets
Name on your dead can
Nostrial entolmitius
The lone star tick
How to kill a tick
Hipster wear
Don’s going fishing
Small rooster
A hat on credit
Ninja turtles
She blinks a lot
The tale of
Diamond top
Deaf cause your fat
Tortilla shirt salsa shorts
Morning your sweedish fish

Thank you guys for being patient with us during a tough time! But the good news is you discovered the dangers of hearing loss among the heavy set, talking feet and what corporate sponsorship you can go with on your urn! And how blinking can help you connect with turtles! When you survive a sharknado, be sure to take refuge with our sponsors, Big Ass Sandwiches. The very best in the Northwest, now with 2 locations. Other than that remember to pay for your hat up front and don’t forget to tell a friend!!!

Oh and here’s the link for today’s closing theme, enjoy!

R.I.P. Alice Frost

Please stand by


Hey guys, just a heads up. We won’t be uploading shows for the next few weeks. I won’t get into specifics but please just keep some positive thoughts and if your so inclined a prayer or two. We would greatly appreciate it! And I promise we will be back up and running as soon as we are able. You guys have always had our backs, and for that we are grateful beyond words! Thanks for understanding!